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Introduction - Robert Shore, Parkes, NSW. 1:38
01 Phill Isaacs OAM - Computers to Vanuatu. 28:40
02 Dawn Barrington - Singing Advocate for Refugees. 28:54
03 Esther Scarbourough, Nth Maluku, Indonesia. 24:40
04 Tim Faulkner, Aussie Ark. 48:23
05 Mary Brell with Prakash Aryal, Nepal, 29:33
06 Libby Bleakley - On a Mission / Timor Leste, 31:54
07 Dr Hugh Mackay - The Kindness Revolution, 28:04
08 Drew Farrant-Jayet - Musician / Social Worker, 30:00
09 Lachy Doley - Musician, 30:26
10 Mark Acheson - Social Entrepreneur, CRISIS HEROES, 30:50
11 James Unkles - 'Breaker Morant', 28:14
12 Ian Dyball - End Trachoma Project, 32:33
13 John Cinya - Australian Sudanese Community Leader, 32.12
14 Sam Leonard - Sled Dog Racing, 23:56
15 Stephen O'Doherty - an ex NSW frontbencher reflects on career change, creativity and community, 24:50
16 Derek Rabelo - Blind Professional Surfer, 26:32
17 World Surfing Champion and Australian icon Wayne, 'Rabbit' Bartholemew, 24:24
18 John Cunningham - Building a Values-Based Business, 26:44
19 Shelley Taylor Smith - Marathon swimmer and multi world record holder, 28:47
20 Ian Sheppard, 4WD Driving Instructor with Great Divide Tours, 28:24
21 Dominic Williams introduces MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly), 22:29
22 Leila and Danny Abdallah - The Power of Forgiveness
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Hi I'm Ian Freestone, producer of this series

I run Animated Living, a coaching and consultancy business that helps individuals, businesses and organisations come more fully into life.

Animation (coming from the Latin word, 'anima') means to 'give life to', 'to quicken' to 'vivify' to 'breathe life into'. By focusing on the things that give life, more positive outcomes are achieved and preferred futures can be realised.

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