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About Ian Freestone
It was in November 2016 that I saw 30 years of experience, two masters degrees and my lifelong passions converge into a single theme. It is what I call, Animated Living. I resigned my position, completed accredited training in 'Life Coaching', and spent 18 months designing a coaching model based on animation.

Animation (coming from the Latin word, 'anima') means to 'give life to', 'to quicken' to 'vivify' to 'breathe life into'. Animation Coaching involves coming alongside individuals or organisations in order to encourage those things that bring life, health and blessing. By focusing on the things that give life, more positive outcomes are achieved and preferred futures can be realised.

Animated Living sponsors a weekly podcast by the same name and a Facebook Group: RESET 2021. 
As a Rotary member and 'Paul Harris Fellow', I am committed to projects that unite people to take action and bring lasting change. Capturing the life stories of others through video interviews and podcasts is one way of bringing that goal to life.

As a global member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I adhere to a strict Code of Ethics in my practice. It would be my absolute honour to come alongside you, your business, or your organisation to support you in coming more fully into LIFE! You can send an email to [email protected] or call 02-8003 3039.
Support for Animation Coaching
John Cunningham, Cunninghams Real Estate
John Cunningham
Managing Director @ Cunninghams Real Estate
Former President, Real Estate Institute of NSW
Ian is one of those rare people who have a knack of discovering needs, understanding situations and then applying the right strategies to facilitate the right outcome.

To put it simply Ian is one of the best "People Persons" I know and his ability to connect with both individuals and groups with his calm confident manner has earned him the respect of all that meet him. Whether it is facilitating a workshop, speaking to business groups or individual life coaching, he has the experience and knowledge to help your desired outcomes happen.  

Philip Macken, Brand Haven
Philip Macken
Lawyer, Founder @ 'Brand Haven'

I have been fortunate enough to be coached by Ian. His many years as a pastor, family man and (more recently) businessman gives him the understanding, empathy, experience and wisdom to weigh up a ton of personal/professional issues and provide insightful, sound and immensely helpful advice and direction. I cannot recommend Ian's coaching service highly enough.
James Schramko, Superfast Business, Superfast results, silver circle
James Schramko
Business Entrepreneur and Coach 
@ Superfast Business
Author, 'Work Less, Make More'
Over the last four years, I've observed Ian transition from full-time employee to fledgling business owner. His passion, relationships, vision, generosity, focus, spirituality, creativity and healthy lifestyle shine a bright beacon of example for others to emulate. His life experiences allow Ian to have huge empathy and sensitivity. He 'walks the talk' and has the kind of integrity you need in an advisor.

It is no surprise to see him become an in-demand life coach.

David Smith, Genesis Foundation
David Smith
Chairman, Genesis Foundation and Actuary
Business Entrepreneur & Funder of growing Not-For-Profits

As a community leader, Ian has seen so many people in all stages of life and helped them work through their personal challenges - he has seen it all! He has a gift of seeing "what could be" for a leader and then gently help the leader discover a wider perspective and vision.

His "Animation" methodology is based on his belief that we are all capable of seeing and doing much more - that we are capable of constantly creating and growing into a better person, better family member and better participant in our community.

Ian is a valuable resource to leaders who seek to grow their organisation and themselves.

John Reid, NSW Baptists, Mentor
Dr John Reid
Coach/Mentor, NSW Baptists
I have known Ian Freestone for over five years. During that time I have interacted with Ian as a coach. Ian is a highly motivated, astute observer of human action and achievement, on a personal level or in team interaction.

Ian demonstrates constant advanced accurate empathy.  His reflections and attention to the possible outcomes of client actions for their professional colleagues are practical and relationally wise.  He is a patient guide and careful but creative teacher of those with a learning posture. I commend him as an enabler and colleague.
Richard Grellman, Board of Directors, Wipeout Dementia
Dr Richard Grellman AM
Director / FCA
I know a number of life/business coaches including Ian Freestone. Good coaches should bring plenty of life experience, insight, empathy, active listening and most importantly common sense to their clients. Ian possesses all such attributes and these, together with his warm and welcoming personality, fully equip him to add significant value.
David Smith, Genesis Foundation
Dr Julie Matthews
Senior Consultant, Growth Coaching International

I have known Ian for many years as a coaching colleague, tour guide and a pastor. He has always inspired me with his creativity and deep thinking. In his role as a coach, Ian challenges coachees to consider their goals and the way forward to achieve them; he empathises with coachees and works with them to move forward with the challenges facing them in a solutions-focused paradigm